be prepared

Filming in Nunavut is in an experience unlike any other, but to make the most of your experience, preparation is key. Here are a few of the basic things you should pay attention to.

Yes, it's a "dry cold." And you need to dress for it. Wearing proper clothing will mean you can enjoy being out on the land, and ensures you stay safe and warm while you're working. Long underwear, a down-filled parka, fleece, a hat, and good insulated boots are absolutely necessary. Dressing in layers helps manage changes in temperatures.

But just as important is summer clothing, because it's not always winter here. In July and August, temperatures can go as high as the mid-20s, and there are no trees for shade! Again, dressing in layers will help.

Winter or summer, you'll need a hat. In the winter, a warm hat with earflaps is crucial, and in summer, a hat with a brim to keep the hot sun off your head and the glare of the sun out of your eyes, will be a welcome relief. Sunglasses are useful all year round (except during the dark season!), because the Nunavut sun is bright. In the winter, the glare off the snow can be blinding, so bring sunglasses with a high UV rating. Lip balm, moisturizer and sunscreen with a high SPF should be part of your everyday gear.