NFDC Industry Summit March 17th-March 20th Business Affairs Workshop March 21st - March 23rd






This is a notice to mark your calendars for the upcoming Film Summit and Five-year Strategic Planning Session to be held in Iqaluit from the evening of March 17th to noon on March 20th at the Frobisher Inn. The Summit will be followed by a Business Affairs Workshop from March 21st to noon on March 23rd, also at the Frobisher Inn.

NFDC must provide the Government of Nunavut with a new strategic plan that covers the five years from April 2015 to March 31st 2020. This is an important meeting, as it will set the course for the future of NFDC and the film, television and digital industries in the territory. The input from those active in the industry and various stakeholders is crucial.

NFDC has secured a bulk of the funding for the Summit but still lacks a decision from one of the potential funders. However, we are proceeding with the Summit. The outcome of the decision from the potential funders will determine how many filmmakers/producers that we can offer travel, accommodation and per diem support.

The Summit participants will be asked to engage in in-depth discussions on the following topics that will form the basis for the development of a new Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Industry and NFDC:

  • The Last Five Years: A review of NFDC Programs. What worked, what did not? What do we need going forward.
  • Professional Development and Training. What kind of training do we need? How should we structure future programs? What organization should deliver them?
  • Future financing. How much do we need? Spend Incentives or Tax Credits?
  • Guest Productions: What Incentives do we really need to attract guest productions? How do we compete with other jurisdictions? How do we guarantee opportunities for the Nunavut Industry?
  • Expanding the industry for better representation of all of Nunavut: What should we be doing?

Based on the advice and recommendations emanating from the Summit, NFDC will prepare a new Five Year Strategic Plan.

Following the Summit, NFDC will present a Business Affairs Workshop, which will be of interest to those actively involved in the business of film, television and digital media.

The topics covered would be:

  • Copyright and chain of title
  • Tax credit rules and regulations
  • Completion bonding and risk insurance
  • Budgeting and production accounting tools
  • GST
  • Single purpose production companies and liability
  • International treaty co-productions
  • Interim Financing
  • ACTRA Agreements
  • SOCAN registration
  • Distribution Agreements

NFDC believes this workshop to be critical to the growth of the Nunavut Production Community in that it will increase the business acumen of our territorial producers. Knowledge of the above topics is critical for successful producing as the industry moves forward to bigger productions and co-productions.

We will announce more information and possible levels of travel support within the near future. In the meantime, please reply to indicating if you will be attending and/or if you would require travel assistance to attend either the Summit or the Business Affairs Workshop or both.