Nunavut Produced Film Premiering at Toronto International Film Festival


A film written & directed by Miranda de Pencier, produced by Stacey Aglok MacDonald and funded by Nunavut Film Development Corporation


THROAT SONG, a short dramatic film about a young Inuk woman seeking to reclaim her voice, has been selected to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on September 11th, 2011.

“We Inuit used to know how to take care of each other, we must learn how to do this again.” This is one of the thought provoking lines delivered in the hard-hitting film that touches on many social issues faced by Inuit today. The film was written & directed by Miranda de Pencier of Toronto and produced by Stacey Aglok MacDonald of Kugluktuk/Iqaluit.

The 17-minute film centers on a young Inuk woman named Ippik (Ippiksaut Friesen), who is caught in an abusive relationship. Ippik gets a job as a victims witness worker in her community and by hearing of other peoplesʼ struggles, she begins to recall where her relationship with abuse began. THROAT SONG is a visually striking film that touches deeply on issues of abuse and suicide in Nunavut.

In addition to the strong message of the film, the production of THROAT SONG included several training and mentorship opportunities for Nunavummiut interested in film production. It employed twelve actors and mentored fourteen local crew members to manage everything from wardrobe and hair & makeup, to sets, props, cameras and lighting.

The film was shot entirely in Iqaluit, Nunavut and includes a strong local supporting cast, with the lead being played by Rankin Inlet actor/filmmaker Friesen in her first starring role. Friesen also animated and directed “The Dimming” which was recently selected to screen at TIFFʼs Student Showcase. Reached in Vancouver, Friesen says “I got into THROAT SONG through an acting workshop that I did in 2009. Miranda noticed me and offered me the role. Miranda and I hit it off, Stacey kept everything moving and I loved every bit of making (the movie). It was my first time being part of a film and Iʼm excited for the festival”.

First time producer of a dramatic film, Aglok MacDonald speaks of her experience, “I had fun and I learned so much. Iʼm very proud of the film and the story that it tells”.

THROAT SONG was produced with generous financial support from the Nunavut Film Development Corporation & the Kitikmeot Economic Development Commission.