Code of Responsibility 2022

1. We will practice respectful relationships built on trust with the community. We will strive to develop relationships with communities and its people before production begins. This will begin off-camera through informal conversations and relationship building activities.

2. Non-Indigenous cast and crew will be knowledgeable about the community, Inuit culture, and its sensitives before entering the territory. We will monitor the relationship between our crew and the community.

3. We will respect the social, cultural and health protocols of the community.

4. We will outline the intent of the film and how it will be used and distributed. This will be translated in Inuktut for distribution in the community.

5. All release forms will be translated into Inuktut.

6. We will ensure our best efforts are made to hire a community liaison. This employee will be integrated into our budget and paid standard industry rates at the time of contract. Depending on the role, this liaison can be labelled as an associate producer or production manager.

7. We ensure the community will benefit from the production by creating capacity agreements. (Examples include ensuing fees and clearances for shooting on their jurisdiction, training opportunities, employing community members, community screenings etc.)

8. We understand it is customary and respectful to pay the knowledge keepers and elders for their time and information. This includes Indigenous organizations.

9. After the film is released, the production will make it a priority to take the story back to the community to be screened.

10. During our stay in Nunavut, we shall hire and have always present someone who is fluent in Inuktut. This ensures effective and constant communication is possible so that Inuit can express their concerns whenever needed.

11. We will be sensitive to community rules regarding alcohol and drugs and not disrupt community life more than necessary and only as agreed.

12. We will make available to each location, community, and its representatives a synopsis in plain language translated into Inuktut so that communities can understand what we are attempting to accomplish.

In addition:

a. When filming, proper notification is to be provided to each merchant or resident who is directly affected by the company (this includes parking, traveling shots, base camps, meal areas, etc.)

b. Do not park production vehicles in, or block driveways without the permission of the municipal jurisdiction, or the driveway owner. Cast and crew meals shall be confined to the area designated in the location agreement or permit. Provide a site for garbage to be collected, and do not leave anything behind.

c. If you find an artifact on the land, please leave it undisturbed and do not touch it. Call the Inuit Heritage Trust line at 867 975 7700 or email at parks@gov.nu.ca

d. All signs erected or removed for filming purposes will be removed or replaced upon completion of the use of that location unless otherwise stipulated by the location agreement or permit.

e. Every member of the cast and crew shall keep noise levels as low as possible.

f. Crew members shall not display signs, posters, or pictures on or in vehicles that do not reflect common sense or good taste. Cast and crew will refrain from the use of lewd or improper language.

g. Cast and crew will avoid contact of any kind with local dogs and will not disturb or handle in any way hunting gear, sleds, or other objects near the premises being filmed or on the land as they travel from site to site.