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Each funding program guideline and application follow the below listed definitions:

An “affiliate” means a person, firm, corporation or other entity which is a parent or subsidiary of the Producer, or which is controlled by, controlling of or under common control with the Producer, of which is otherwise not at arms-length with the Producer.

A “broadcaster” includes both a traditional, schedule-based broadcaster and a CRTC-licensed video-on- demand (VOD) service; the term “broadcast” includes both traditional, scheduled broadcast and making content available via a CRTC-licensed VOD service.

A ‘co-production’ is one which is not 100% owned and controlled by the applicant. To be deemed an ‘eligible production’ it must be demonstrated that the beneficial and equitable ownership granted to the Applicant (Nunavut company) is commensurate with the Applicant’s level of corporate control, management and creative decision-making and investment as outlined in the fully executed Co-Production Agreement entered into with the out-of-territory or out-of-country partner(s).

A ‘convergent digital media project’ is one which is delivered on a digital media network and created to enhance the viewing experience of the audience for a television program currently being broadcast.

Creative content’ describes the written and/or design materials created by a writer or team of writers/designers which may include:

–   content developed for production as film and television programming: treatments, draft scripts or teleplays, rewrites, final drafts, polishes and series bibles; or

–   in the case of digital media, content developed for multi-media exploitation including: prototype development, brand definition, content/technology design, related documentation and proposal development.

A ‘digital media’ project is one which integrates existing and emerging media technologies (text, graphics, audio, video, animation and interactivity) and is delivered digitally on multi-platforms using diverse methods of exploitation (website/internet applications, iTV and mobile).

Entry-Level’ describes projects that are appropriate for or accessible to one who is inexperienced in the film, television and /or digital media industry.

A ‘film and television’ project is one where the footage is shot on film, videotape, or digital format. The completed production is exploited via television broadcast, by theatrical release in a commercial cinema, through DVD sales or internet downloads. These traditional forms of programming (live action and/or animation) may include feature films, television movies, television pilots, television series and mini-series, documentaries, mockumentaries, and docudramas.

The nine ‘key creative positions’ are: writer, director, art director or production designer, editor, director of photography, composer, animator, and up to 2 performers in lead and/or supporting roles. A ‘resident of Nunavut’ is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident who is a resident in Nunavut and in possession of a valid Nunavut Health Card number.