Important Information for 2021-2022 Funding Programs

Important Information for 2021-2022 Funding Programs

NFDC understands that there is significant concern around the current and potential effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on the screen-based industry in Nunavut.

It is a rapidly evolving situation and we will keep our social media channels, newsletters and website updated to provide advice, guidance, and to support you.

NFDC’s first priority will be to explore how best to utilize funds to support short-term needs for production companies, individual filmmakers and freelancers. We will all;[so look at ways to increase the flexibility of funding already agreed with existing funding recipients. Further, we will discuss and develop strategies to fund long term projects which will assist you for the eventual return of production in the territory.

Working in partnership with other national and territorial financiers and funders, we will look for opportunities to coordinate support measures where possible. It is hard to predict the future, but we are prepared to react accordingly!

2021 – 2022 Funding Program Applications

  • We recognize that some activities under our current funding programs will not be possible for the foreseeable future. We intend to be more flexible and consider applications that do not strictly fall within our present guidelines. 
  • We want to encourage applications for self-distancing type activities, such as project development, scriptwriting, editing, animation, podcasts, short films, archiving etc.
  • We are busy outlining a Story-Telling Fund that reflects the current global situation of COVID-19. The fund will support proposals for screen-based media ideas from all stages of production (development to presentation). Not to be confined by the boundaries of conventional funding programs, this is a grant that wants to support your creative ideas, regardless of development stage, medium, or platform. Have an archive of interviews you finally would like to edit? How about creating a press kit for your next pitching session? There are countless ways this fund can be used to assist you financially where you need it most.

Film Industry Training (FIT) and Support

We intend keeping you busy with the following initiatives:

  • Posting short ‘how to’ training videos on social media.
  • Establish short film and script challenges on social media.
  • Sharing online workshops, webinars and intensive live training sessions.
  • Q and A’s with Nunavut filmmakers.
  • Increase Taakku! newsletter to a weekly update for information sharing.
  • We are here if you require advice and guidance on a confidential basis

Guidance for Already Funded Projects

  • For projects that have been cancelled or postponed, and for which non-recoverable expenses have been incurred, funding recipients may make a claim in their final reports for cancelled activities and travel.
  • For projects that have been cancelled or postponed where no expenses have yet to be incurred, funding recipients will be given the opportunity to decide whether they want the contract re-issued for the following fiscal year without having to re-apply.
  • Changes to the original timeline, including postponement of activities, will be allowed after discussion with Nunavut Film.
  • Funding recipients may request to replace a funded activity that is no longer going forward with another activity, following discussions with NFDC and approval from the review committee.

We are here to support you and welcome any suggestions on what we can do to help. We invite you to share with us your ideas and projects and together we’ll explore how we can best support you.

You can contact us at: