Cape Dorset



Inuktitut name: Kinngait (Mountains)
Population: 1236 (2011)
Time zone: EST
Territorial Park: Mallikjuaq 
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World famous for its groundbreaking Inuit prints and carvings, Cape Dorset offers so much more.  The landscape is dominated by large hills, and the ubiquitous ocean- even in the winter there is open water nearby.  This draws in all manner of sea life- seals, whales, Polar Bears, and fish. On the land, caribou dot the nearby hills. 

Inuit have congregated in the area for over 3000 years, drawn by the wildlife that provided the necessities of life.  As with many other Nunavut communities, the Hudson’s Bay Company chose to build a trading post at Cape Dorset because of the trapping skills of the local Inuit.  This post was constructed in 1913 and was followed in 1938 by a Roman Catholic Mission.  This was later closed in 1960.

Unusually, the construction of the local Anglican mission was not by British clergy, but by local Inuit.  In 1953 Inuit Anglicans constructed a Church that still stands today. 

This year also marked the arrival of John Houston to the community.  An artist and community builder, Mr. Houston is credited with helping to commercialize Inuit art worldwide.  Many of the most famous Inuit artists, including Kenojoak, hail from Cape Dorset.  The local artists, with help from Mr. Houston founded the world famous West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative in 1959 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today Cape Dorset relies heavily on Inuit Art, but is also a centre for the Government of Nunavut.  Hunting and fishing remain important as well.  


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Deluxe Hotel and Restaurant. Catering available with prior notice. Full service Outfitters

Deluxe Hotel and Restaurant. Catering available with prior notice. Full service Outfitters

Deluxe Hotel and Restaurant. Catering available with prior notice. Full service Outfitters

First Air has a number of regularly scheduled flights connectign to and from Iqaluit, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Ottawa, Montreal. 

Charters can be booked by calling 1-613-254-6200.

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Air Nunavut operates 9 to 13 seat twin turbine aircraft from Iqaluit, NU

Kenn Borek Air provides off-strip Twin Otter, Turbine DC-3, and King Air charter services from Resolute.

"Working in the Arcrtic is our passion and has defined who we are for many years. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the most remote areas and harshest environments. We have supported the Canadian government's scientific research out of our Resolute Bay location for many years. Working with our joint ventures, Aklak Air and Unaalik Aviation, we provide charter flights across the Canadian north in whatever capacity required."


Kivalliq Air bases 9 seat twin and single engine turboprop aircraft in Iqaluit.

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