Gjoa Haven



Inuktitut name: Uqsuqtuuq (lots of fat)
Population: 1279 (2011)
Time zone: MST
Website: www.gjoahaven.net
Interpretive Trail: Northwest Passage
Climate Data
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Gjoa Haven is a community that is closely tied with the lore of the Northwest Passage.  It is in this area that Sir John Franklin’s attempted expedition through the passage met its untimely demise.   In 1903, Roald Amundsen was attempting to traverse the Northwest Passage in his ship, the Gjoa.  He became stuck in what he considered to be the finest harbor in the world, in what is now Gjoa Haven. 

In the coming years numerous adventure seekers, explorers and commercial interests have used Gjoa Haven as an important staging point on their journey through the fabled passage. 

The Inuit of Gjoa Haven have long used the area because of its excellent hunting and fishing.  Contact with European explorers first took place in the early 1800’s and continued for the next hundred years.  Often bemused with the unusual techniques of these foreign explorers, the people of Gjoa Haven were always helpful and friendly and benefited greatly through trading and acting as intermediaries. 

The permanent community was founded after the Hudson’s Bay Company opened a post in 1927, which was quickly followed by Roman Catholic missionaries.  In the 1950’s, the population was only 110 people but has grown steadily with the establishment of schools, a nursing centre and other services. 

Today the community is a vibrant one, and still tied closely to the Northwest Passage.   Gjoa Haven’s tourism and cultural community is strong with continued interest in the passage.  The community is also home to decentralized Government of Nunavut offices.


Full Community Profile: www.nunavuteda.com/community/gjoa-haven

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