Hall Beach



Inuktitut name: Sanirajaq (The Shoreline)
Population: 736 (2011)
Time zone: EST
Website: hallbeach.net/hamlet-of-hall-beach/
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In Hall Beach, one can find the physical manifestation of the role that Inuit played in the global conflict known as the Cold War.  While Inuit have used the are because of its abundance of marine mammals, especially Walrus and Polar Bear, the interaction local people have had with the outside world is primarily with the Military. 

In order to counter the ominous Soviet menace and protect North America from Soviet Bombers, the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD) was jointly created by Canada and the United States.  A key aspect of their efforts to protect Canadian and American cities was the construction of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line- a chain of radar sites scattered across the Canadian Arctic and Alaska. 

Hall Beach was one such site.  In 1957 NORAD constructed a huge radar and logistics centre at Hall Beach.  The radar dishes, looming hundreds of feet from the tundra, can still be seen today. 

Throughout the 1980’s, the DEW Line was upgraded and renamed the North Warning System and the Hall Beach facility is still active. 

Today, the economy is dominated by mineral exploration, employment at the North Warning System and traditional hunting and fishing activities. 


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First Air has a number of regularly scheduled flights connectign to and from Iqaluit, Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Ottawa, Montreal. 

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Air Nunavut operates 9 to 13 seat twin turbine aircraft from Iqaluit, NU

Kenn Borek Air provides off-strip Twin Otter, Turbine DC-3, and King Air charter services from Resolute.

"Working in the Arcrtic is our passion and has defined who we are for many years. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the most remote areas and harshest environments. We have supported the Canadian government's scientific research out of our Resolute Bay location for many years. Working with our joint ventures, Aklak Air and Unaalik Aviation, we provide charter flights across the Canadian north in whatever capacity required."


Kivalliq Air bases 9 seat twin and single engine turboprop aircraft in Iqaluit.

Services almost all communities in Nunavut with both scheduled flights and charter services. 

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