Inuktitut name: Pangniqtuuq (Place of bull caribou)
Population: 1550 (2011)
Time zone: EST
Territorial Campground: Pisuktinu Tunngavik Territorial Campground
National Historic Site: Kekerten National Historic Site
National Park: Auyuittuq
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Pangnirtung is famous world wide for its stunning beauty, its proximity to Auyuittuq National Park, a vibrant arts scene and a thriving commercial fishery.

Pangnirtung has been occupied for over 4000 years.  Inuit have long used the Pangnirtung area as important hunting and fishing grounds and this tradition continues today.  Known for abundant sea mammals such as seals and whales, caribou and fish, Pangnirtung is an important player in the Nunavut economy.  

Whalers chasing abundant Bowhead whales made contact with Inuit in the early 1800’s.  A whaling station was established at nearby Kerkerten Island in 1840 and there was a large commercial whaling operation until the early 1900’s. 

In 1921, the Hudson’s Bay Company established a trading post which was followed in 1923 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  In 1929 St. Luke’s Mission Hospital was opened in Pangnirtung – a first for Baffin Island. 

Pangnirtung’s economy has become very diversified and the community boasts a fish processing plant where locally caught Arctic Char and Greenlandic Turbot are processed for export.  The Uqqurmiut Centre is a hub for local artists, who are world renown for beautiful prints and tapestries. 

Pangnirtung is the gateway not only for Auyuittuq National Park, but also Piksutinu Tunngavik Territorial Park and Kerkerten Territorial Park.  The incredible scenery has led to Pangnirtung being selected as a backdrop for numerous films and documentaries- notably for the opening scene of the James Bond thriller “The Spy Who Loved Me”.


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22 Room Hotel and Full service restaurant with catering available with advance notice


22 Room Hotel and Full service restaurant with catering available with advance notice

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Kenn Borek Air provides off-strip Twin Otter, Turbine DC-3, and King Air charter services from Resolute.

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