Inuktitut name: Iglulik (Place of Igloos)
Population: 2000 (2013)
Time zone: EST
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Igloolik is often considered the cultural centre of Nunavut.  Local Inuit were amongst the last to have regular contact with Europeans and have managed to maintain a very strong sense of identity and culture. 

With its central location, Igloolik has long been a cross roads of sorts for Inuit in Nunavut.  Igloolik Inuit had extensive trading and cultural contacts with Inuit on Baffin Island, the Kivalliq region and the Kitikmeot.  The Igloolik area represented an important element of circumpolar trade. 

Igloolik’s hunters benefit from access to walrus, seals, whales, Polar Bears, and massive caribou herds and remain some of the best hunters in the Arctic.  While the landscape may not be considered as striking as the rest of the Qikiqtani Region, its subtle beauty truly captures the imagination. 

The Hudson’s Bay Company established a post in Igloolik in the 1930’s and this was followed by a Roman Catholic Mission towards the end of the decade.  Anglican missionaries established a presence an Igloolik in many ways became a divided community geographically as well as spiritually.  The community had an “Anglican side” and a “Catholic side” which were separated by some distance. 

These divisions have lessened over the past three decades and what is found today in Igloolik is a vibrant cultural community.  The film “Atarnarjuat” was produced and directed by local filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk using local actors and costume designers.  This film depicted life before contact with Europeans and went on to win numerous awards, including the Golden Camera award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Igloolik is also home to the world-renowned “Artcirq” modern circus, which blends Inuit culture and modern circus techniques. 

In addition to the cultural community, Igloolik is home to decentralized offices of the Government of Nunavut, and extensive mineral exploration activities.  This has led to a truly diverse local economy.  


Full Community Profile: www.nunavuteda.com/community/igloolik

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Hotel and Restaurant (famous for Pizza)

Hotel and Restaurant (famous for Pizza)

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