Coral Harbour

The Coral Harbour area has long been an important meeting place for Inuit, as it is home to an amazing variety and abundance of sea mammals.  There are numerous archeological sites in the area that indicate that people have inhabited Southampton Island since 500 BC.


Chesterfield Inlet

The community of Chesterfield Inlet is the oldest in Nunavut.  The current community was established in 1911, but the area has long been important to Inuit.  Contact with Europeans in the Chesterfield Inlet area started in the 1700’s and it continued to serve as an important trading location between Inuit and European whalers and explorers. 


Baker Lake

Baker Lake represents a collection of eleven groups of Inuit who originally lived throughout the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot Regions.  The community of Baker Lake was started with the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Post in 1916.  The post was followed by the establishment of an Anglican Mission in 1927. 



Arviat is located in the southern Kivalliq region, not far from the Manitoba border.  Currently one of Nunavut’s fastest growing communities, modern Arviat has its roots in the 1920’s with the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Post, quickly followed by the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches.

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