Qikiqtarjuaq today is well known as being closely tied with Auyuittuq National Park.  Many visitors use Qikiqtarjuaq as the starting point, or the culmination of their experience in the park.  Stunning scenery abounds in Qikiqtarjuaq, which is known for majestic mountains and spectacular ice burgs in the nearby ocean. 



Igloolik is often considered the cultural centre of Nunavut.  Local Inuit were amongst the last to have regular contact with Europeans and have managed to maintain a very strong sense of identity and culture. 


Hall Beach

In Hall Beach, one can find the physical manifestation of the role that Inuit played in the global conflict known as the Cold War.  While Inuit have used the are because of its abundance of marine mammals, especially Walrus and Polar Bear, the interaction local people have had with the outside world is primarily with the Military. 


Grise Fiord

Grise Fiord is Canada’s most northerly community.  Nestled amongst majestic mountains and located at the end of a stunning Fiord, Grise Fiord’s sheer beauty masks a history rooted in hardship and perseverance. 


Clyde River

Located on the eastern coast of Baffin Island, Clyde River has become known for both preservation of Inuit culture, and the majestic cliffs of the many fiords and mountains in the area. 



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