Nunavut FIT

Nunavut FIT

Makigiaqta Nunavut FIT (Film Industry Training) Workshops

In partnership with the Makigiaqta Inuit Training Corporation, Nunavut Film Development Corporation is pleased to offer a three year Nunavut Film Industry Training (FIT) Program 

Created with emerging and seasoned filmmakers in mind, Nunavut FIT provides two opportunities to participate.


The first opportunity involves Nunavut FIT visiting 15 communities over the next three years to deliver a four- day, hands-on training experience. Taught by Nunavummiut, the community training will help us identify and encourage individuals interested in working as a crew member in the Nunavut film and television production industry. For more information contact


The second focus is on seasoned individuals who have demonstrated success in the industry. These individuals will have an opportunity to access up to $6,000.00 to create their own training.  This training could consist of one on one training with subject matter experts, workshops specifically designed for updating expertise in new technologies, access to masterclasses being offered in other jurisdictions, job mentoring opportunities etc. This training fund is available to Nunavut Inuit as well as community groups interested in furthering film skills development.